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What is the POWERLEASESM ?  A New Financial Product from Bobcat of North Texas that is designed to give you the low monthly operating cost of a lease combined with the flexibility and benefit of an option to own!  The POWERLEASE is a simple, affordable alternative to traditional financing with flexible options to purchase, trade up, or just walk away.  This is a straightforward lease with simple documentation – no hidden surprises!

The POWERLEASE is designed to provide:

  • Simplicity    –  Simple to understand, no complicated financial concept
  • Affordability – No down payment and lower monthly payments as in 
                            traditional financing.
  • Flexibility    –  The ability to purchase equipment for a pre-determined amount
                            at two separate Early Buy-Out option points during the lease.

How is the POWERLEASE different? The POWERLEASE is superior to other products offered in today’s market place – structured with two pre-determined Early Buy-Out (EBO) options so that you know upfront the cost of purchasing equipment during the contract.  EBO’s are scheduled during the course of the POWERLEASE when equity in the equipment is at its premium.  As a customer, you get the option to own the equipment after the greatest depreciation has occurred.

In addition to purchasing equipment at specific EBO intervals, you may trade equipment with sufficient equity during the term of the POWERLEASE, or simply return the equipment after all monthly payments have been made. You get the best of both worlds!  You get a lower monthly payment and the opportunity to buy the equipment during or at the end of the lease term.  Subject to credit approval, Bobcat of North Texas will even finance the amount of the EBO for you.

To take advantage of the Bobcat POWERLEASE, simply call us at 866.981.0905 or Contact Us here! We will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

Limited time offer. Some restrictions apply. Please see participating dealer for details. Financing subject to credit approval of qualified buyers by authorized Bobcat finance providers. Bobcat Company reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time without prior notice.



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